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Barcelona Energy Agency
PDF (report in English)

«L'energia, reptes i perspectives de futur de les energies renovables a les ciutats»
Barcelona, 13 d’abril 2004, Ajuntament de Barcelona
Speech by Hermann Scheer
PDF (in English)

ICLEI Case Study - Barcelona City Council's Plan for Energy Improvement
PDF (in English)

News on the Barcelona Solar Ordinance 2005
PDF (in English)

Barcelona City Solar Programme
PDF (report in Spanish)


Cities in the age of climate change and fossil fuel depletion.
© P.Droege
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Project Global Campus: The power of universities in the age of global warming
© P.Droege
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Opportunities for industry and business
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Renewable energy for China's towns
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Cities and the culture of sustainability

© H.Girardet
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Visual Resources

Facts and images supplied by Professor John Byrne, Centre for Energy & Environmental Policy, University of Delaware


STAR stands for Space, Time and Renewables. The STAR Energy Model is an affordable and reliable system to determine a community, city or region’s capacity for energy independence based on local renewable resources. Communities benefit from the information generated by the STAR Energy Model by easily building scientifically quantified scenarios for a secure, sustainable and prosperous future.

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