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What is solar photovoltaics?

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme
An initiative conducting projects on the application of solar photovoltaic electricity worldwide. Website provides information about the results including publications.

pvresources.com - photovoltaic applications + technologies
An independent web site devoted to promote photovoltaic applications and technologies. It was developed as non-commercial helpful information to serve teachers, students and others interested in photovoltaics.

Building integrated photovoltaics - BIPV
Solar architecture and pv building integration - comprehensive examples, how-to's and products.

NREL: Photovoltaic Research
Focuses on decreasing the reliance on fossil-fuel generated electricity by lowering the cost of delivered electricity and improving the efficiency of PV modules and systems.

European Photovoltaic Technology Platform
An initiative which aims at mobilising all the actors sharing a long-term European vision for photovoltaics.

How do Photovoltaics Work?
Information by NASA.

Key Advantages of PV technology
Detailed research on European PV technology.

EIA Kids Page PV Energy Timelines
For kids - learn about the milestones in photovoltaics energy history.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Part of Solar Home website, it provides indepth information on choosing, buying and installing pv panels for your home or business.